Mobie Application

The companies that seek to develop the most advanced platforms for mobile applications such as Blackberry, Nokia, iPad, iPhone, OS, Android, Pamweb, J2ME, QT and Titanium etc can rely on TekDeft Techinsights. They get benefited from our outstanding expertise. The applications that are developed by TekDeft Techinsights are unique and have the entire advantages of the latest technology.

TekDeft Techinsights makes all new applications after customizing them to the specific requirements of the clients. For testing the efficiency of the new applications customized testing methods are adopted. In all the development programs TekDeft Techinsights follows the collaborative approach. The decisions regarding time limits, implementation and execution are made strictly based on the requirements as well as the urgency of the client.

During the process of developing new applications, many of the existing products are transformed into products of new technology. Hence, in many cases, it will not be a 10% new creation, but re-designing of the existing products only. TekDeft Techinsights has developed numerous applications across platforms in order to meet the specific requirements of their clients. The expertise of TekDeft Techinsights in each type of mobile platform is incomparable. The team has a deep understanding of the architecture as well as UI of the platforms.

TekDeft Techinsights offers the complete life cycle for mobile application development. We can develop, test and offer the application to the target audience.
Mobile Friendly applications are developed by our team and deployed successfully across different segments and areas of customers.

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